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I can't complain if I don't know how -

It's a sad, sad song with no storyline.

Micky - Viv
3 February
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Real Name: =Micky= aka =ViV= Nguyen
Gender: Female
Location: Canada
Occupation: Student
Industry: Psychology

Lyk3 0|\/|g, i'M lykE s0 Pu|\|k!!!1111!! l0Lz!!!1

or NOT. now screw off.

is friendly. really. just don't get on her bad side.

dirty-minded. has this tendency of poking people incessantly. people watcher. doesn't say "eh" but "hein/han". can be heard singing anytime. strums classical guitar with left hand but can't play a shit. plays piano. is in a band. left-handed writer. is always scribbling. witty and very sarcastic. born canadian and proud to be. french better than english. speaks franglish and vietnamese. has vietnamese-chinese-french roots. attends many concerts. hates politics but loves bitching at politicians. has a sharp knack at spotting the cute boys. thinks that cute boys + boytouching = hottness. doesn't care about pretty boys, but loves boys that are pretty. is not immature, just childish. has an overly creative imagination tinted with a strong sense of realism. sometimes loud and obnoxious, other times quiet and invisible. B-I-T-C-H.

hard book to read...
just open the damn cover.

don't try to understand her, she's just who she is.
she's a contradiction to herself.

visit her:
-greatestjournal: NoSecrecy
-xanga: Amethyste
-myspace: .::I Swear I Lied::.
-watch out

J'admire ton ignorance,
c'est peut-etre parfois mieux ainsi.