Micky - Viv (mystike) wrote,
Micky - Viv

I'm not dead.

I've been neglecting my journals again. Haven't been on any of them for the past two weeks or so. (I haven't even read any SP slash lately!!!) I barely talk on MSN or AIM at all. I apologize. School's taking up a lot of time.

If there's anything I need to know, just leave a comment. :) Better yet, just tell me how you've been and what's been going on. I've been out of the loop completely about everyone in my list.

I think I'm going to be at Foufs tonight. Clea's leaving in a few days. She's gonna be in Greece for a month or so.


I don't even know if I have money to go to Warped.


So hot outside.

ps. Yes, felloutdovein, I remember you. You keep disappearing every few months. :p
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