Micky - Viv (mystike) wrote,
Micky - Viv

Missed my chance at that thing.

The final bio test wasn't too hard. I think I'll pass it.

I'm DONE! All I have left is a fieldtrip tomorrow from my geo: the city class, at Marché Jean-Talon or whatever. I don't even need to go to school.

Shitshitshit. I'm frustrated at myself. I might've missed my chance - my last chance. Today. I probably won't see him anymore after this, after I'm done with Vanier. I have nothing on him.

I'm more disappointed than heartbroken, because honestly, I don't think I even had a real crush on him yet... but I don't know. There was just something about him. I wanted to at least maintain our friendship.

My final chance and I just... completely blew it.


(If you want to know, he has been mentionned before in a few entries.)

From teenbeatmodel
1. Which member of which band that you've met has been the nicest?
Of those that I've had a chance to actually strike up some kind of conversation... I'd sayd either Andy from Matchbook Romance, Jesse from MCS or Patrick from FOB. I can't pick! They're all so adorable! (Although Jesse and Patrick were those that I really wanted for quite a while.)
2. Do you prefer French or English?
3. Why are David and Seb so damn cute together?
Because I said so. No okay, as I said a long time ago: "David = pretty. Seb = adorable. David + Seb = pretty adorable." Simple as that. (Add quite a few sightings of very slashy moments between them.)
4. Do you sing in the shower?
Not as much as I used to. I talk to myself now.
5. If I came to visit you what's something cool that we'd do?
CDs and cuties shopping, m'dear.

J'me suis trouvé un nouveau chouchou à HMV vendredi passé. Trop mignon, le gars. Grands, mince, cheveux bruns, courts et bouclés et un sourire mignon comme tout. Il m'a fait craqué!!! "Voici votre reçu. Voici votre facture. Voici votre achat. Voici ---blabla-. Il vous plus qu'à repasser ---" Mouais, dans ce cas on souris et on secoue la tête avec un "merci" pour avoir l'air stupide parce que on a pas compris ce qu'il a dit. (I went to buy FOB's "From Under the Cork Tree")

I fell in love with one of the songs some off the FOB album. Can you guess which one?
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