Micky - Viv (mystike) wrote,
Micky - Viv

Oh maaaaan.

Expect to see me running around and scrambling to get everything done to complete my Concordia application/acceptance (what the hell's a statement of purpose? I'm still trying to reach the woman about my appointment to take my test and interview.) and my inscrption for two summer courses so that I can complete college and get my diploma by July over the next few days.



Yesterday after my fieldtrip (my team - we were 4 girls) was the fastest one of the class. Really, whenever I'm around, we're always the quickest group. Usually we just group off like that, just for the hell of it, but this time the teacher assigned us a group. Anywho, Soph called me before when I was still home.

When we were done with the Marché Jean-Talon, I bought tomatoes and carrots for my mom and then went on St-Denis to buy Vietnamese submarines. After that Chanm and me went back to my house to drop everything off and rest a bit.

Then we headed off downtown with the 55 bus to meet up with Soph but we ended up waiting for her almost an entire hour, at the Place-des-Arts fountain place. Chanm had to leave so we headed off to metro Place-des-Arts and lo and behold, there's Soph with her new cellphone appearing.

Went to Frontenac metro and caught the 125 bus to go to a Just Noodle/ice cream place. Kinda got lost when we got off the bus but eventually found the place and Joyce (she works there) got us free soft ice cream. Yum.

Then we headed back, Chanm went home while Soph and I met up with Pascal (Soph's boyfriend) at the metro. We went back to downtown and met up with Assunta... and that was that.

I left at around 8 something and went to St-Laurent metro to catch the 55... ran into Clara so we went home together (she lives on the street next to mine, not even 1 minute of walk away from my house) and had a good talk while doing so.

And that was that.
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