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"Somebody in Hellogoodbye loves me"

You know what's bad about me? That fact that I usually remember people's birthday one week before but when the day comes, I completely forget.

My mom kept looking over the card I made her for mother's day and was amazed by it. :D


Yesterday's concert was great.

Hellogoodbye = mes nouveaux chouchous! They were so cute, à la geeky way! I already liked them before but seeing them in concert was just... !!!!!! Dancing beer bottle!!! I bought a pale pink t-shirt from them, so cute. And their merch guy kept giving off a "I'm gay" wibe, I swear. I found that too amusing, but he's really nice.

Armor For Sleep = They were okay but my eyes kept closing during their performance and I wanted to sleep... my eyes were burning and shit. I don't know if it's my allergies or if I have a cold, or both.

Everyone was so worried about me. XD I'm sorrryyyyyy!

The All-American Rejects = love. The entire time olka05, Kinga and me kept trying to get HGB keyboardist's attention though, because he was sitting on the "higher level" and facing up. He never saw though.

I met Soph's boyfriend there. He has a baby-face, we thought he was younger but he's 21! He' a good fella though. And Jo (Soph's coworker at Loblaws, we've met more than once) was having the time of her life.


My friend is engaged. She's 20. Her boyfriend is like... 30. Or almost. They've been together about 3-4 years. He's a good guy but the age difference used to irk me and... well, it still kinda does.

Oh well.

Still feel like crap. *sniffs*
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